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J E N N I F E R   W A R D - L E A L A N D ' S   C A B A R E T S

Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Falling in Love Again

The Look of Love, Evocative/Provocative

Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Falling in Love Again

Jennifer's Marlene Dietrich cabaret, Falling in Love Again, followed from her performance in the Pam Gems play Marlene in 2002.  Asked to perform a Dietrich cabaret for The Edge/AK03 Festival Club, it was devised in collaboration with musical director Grant Winterburn.  She sings highlights from Miss Dietrich's films, concerts and recordings, featuring songs by Cole Porter, Edith Piaf, Frederic Hollander and Pete Seeger.  Jennifer and Grant are joined in performance by bass player Aaron Coddel.

Beautifully lit by lighting designer Andrew Malmo, and featuring an exquisite recreation of one of Dietrich's famous gowns, this show vividly captures the style and glamour of a time gone by.

Falling in Love Again has been performed to sold-out houses and high critical acclaim in Australia and throughout New Zealand, including a performance with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra:

REVIEW, The Press

"When Jennifer Ward-Lealand makes her appearance as Marlene Dietrich in decolette and white fur, the audience is well and trully anticipating the chanteuse--and Ward-Lealand, one of New Zealand's top performers, knows this and doesn't disappoint.

"Anyone doing 'die Dietrich' runs the risk of falling into cliche or caricature because of Dietrich's extraordinary character and vocal mannerisms. . . . Sensibly Ward-Lealand opts to interpret rather than duplicate, showcasing the songs and memories . . . and evoking the goddess more thoroughly than any impersonation could--and I had no idea she could sing as well as everything else.

"The audience laughed, swayed and got moist in the eyes. . . . Jennifer Ward-Lealand's performance was scintillating."

Please click here for the show's performance history and additional reviews.  It is also available on cd.

The Look of Love, Evocative/Provocative

Following the success of Falling in Love Again, Jennifer took centre stage again with The Look of Love, Evocative/Provocative - a cabaret show celebrating love in all its guises.

Featuring songs by Cole Porter, Stephen Sondheim, Burt Bacharach, Jacques Brel, Kris Kristofferson, George Harrison and more, The Look of Love reunited Jennifer with musical director and pianist Grant Winterburn, bassist Aaron Coddel and lighting designer Andrew Malmo for a sophisticated and glamorous night of song.

REVIEW, The Nelson Mail:

With a powerhouse voice and goddess-like proportions, Jennifer Ward-Lealand shimmied on stage in true professional cabaret style to another sold-out festival audience.

I’ve always been in awe of Ward-Lealand’s mouth, watching her on television as a comedienne and later on in her movie performances with those amazing teeth and a calm and sultry speaking voice.

Last night with a tone only a shade higher than a whisper, that mouth became a dynamic vessel for note-perfect sound as it broke into song.

Above a setting of round candle-lit tables within the auditorium, Ward-Lealand sang carefully chosen songs that flirted with the theme of love – soppy, funny and lusty".

The Look of Love has been performed to sold-out houses and high critical acclaim in Australia and New Zealand.  Please click here for its a performance history and additional reviews.

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(photos: Andrew Malmo)

J E N N I F E R   W A R D - L E A L A N D   O F F I C I A L   W E B S I T E